EROMEI road pre-maintenance technology attracts attention


"2017 Guangdong Highway Society Maintenance Technology Exchange" in May 11-12 in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province victory was held, nearly four hundred industry professionals attended the meeting.

The meeting invited a total of 15 domestic experts and manufacturer representatives to share the theme of road maintenance, and Ms. Niu Hongzhi of eLuMei Company made a speech on "Asphalt pavement pre-maintenance repair technology", in which "asphalt pavement crack repair technology" was combined with the maintenance status of Guangdong Province. 

Everyone knows that preventive maintenance is an important and not urgent matter. The earlier you recognize and deal with it earlier, the less investment in later maintenance will be. Spending $1 for pre-raising can save $8-10 in major and intermediate repair costs in the later stage!

In the exhibition area of conference materials, EROMEI displayed preventive maintenance materials such as self-adhesive seam tape, road sealant, CSC super meter material, bridge seamless expansion joint material, etc., which attracted the attention of the participants!

EROMEI was founded less than three years ago, and is fully committed to research and development, with a clear position to do only preventive maintenance of pavement machinery and materials, focusing on providing customers with solutions for early pavement diseases.

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