There is always one EROMEI road repair equipments suitable for you


Today, we are going to share with you the complete set of equipment for pothole and trench repair. We sincerely hope that this will help you to pick the right maintenance equipments.

If you are patching 20-50 square feet per day, have long distances between pits and grooves, and don't have a mixing station readily available to provide hot material, the following four products will solve your patching challenges.

1. HOTBOX-SS1000 Truck-mounted, split type heat regeneration comprehensive maintenance vehicle

2. HOTBOX-SS800 vehicle-mounted, split-vehicle thermal regeneration integrated maintenance vehicle

3. HOTBOX-S1000 Trailer Type Integrated Thermal Regeneration Maintenance Vehicle

4. Truck-mounted integrated thermal regeneration maintenance vehicle

If you have a mixer station within a few miles ,the following two products are the least expensive options for patching.

1. HOTBOX-1500 asphalt mixture heating and heat preservation box

2.HOTBOX-3500 asphalt mixture heating heat preservation box

If you need more information about the above products, please contact our team or our authorized agents

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